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Scotch & Water is the personal website and portfolio of Mr Chris Robertson.
Düsseldorf is his current hood where he is making slices of cheddar working as Creative Director for Mars at BBDO. He relocated here with his wife and mini human person from the West coast where he worked for David&Goliath in Los Angeles. Take a look around and if you like what you see, shoot him an .

About Scotch&Water


Having worked in advertising for over 17 years, Chris has built up an impressive brand list as long as his… well, it's long and includes some of these guys:
Mars, Whiskas, Pedigree, Snickers, Blau, Becks, BeatsbyDre, Kia, Zico, Vizio, Audi, Kraft, Nestle, HSBC, Vodafone, Progressive, McDonalds, Bahamas, Travelocity, Sony, ESPN and Diet Coke.
Scroll south for the finer details. Click here for his most recent CV, or here to see his published infographic CV.

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  • “It's hard to recommend someone like Chris without sounding like he put you up to it. It all sounds to good to be true. In actuality, you'd have a very difficult time trying to find someone containing as much talent, compassion, and ease of character. He's a pleasure to work with and he'll always exceed expectations. Not only is the process a treat, be prepared for the end product to blow you away.”

    Ian Goode via LinkedIn
  • “Chris is a 24/7 Creative soul. It was a pleasure to have him on our team for JWT MENA and JWT Dubai. Always full of life, a team player, by nature a source of motivation and inspiration. Chris' love of photography, all things design and this technical "geek-streak" make him a perfect member of any forward thinking team involved in ideation through execution for Digital, Activation and Social campaigns. I'd love the chance to work with Chris again in the future.”

    Martin R P Garnaud via LinkedIn
  • “Chris is bar none one of the best designers / CD's I have ever worked with. Chris' eye and skill on several projects made my jaw drop as he time and time again took concepts to a higher plane and experiences that won award after award. His easy going nature paired with the wealth of knowledge he accrued leading creatives in other agencies, helped turn conversations into bunga bunga brainstorms.”

    Brent Sloan via LinkedIn
  • “Most miserable sons-a-bitches go through life hating what they do for a living. Chris is the lucky bastard that gets to do what he excels at and genuinely enjoys. His access to a cornucopia of ideas combined with a boundless, infectious energy even after eleventh hr changes made him a “Go To Guy” on all accounts. His inquisitive nature and early-adapter-ness are two sweet assets, no two very key attributes that keep him always in the know. So yeah, he is in on “the next big thing” but it’s the fact that he can put a marketing skin on it and apply it to business that makes him so marketable. Well, that and he‘s one of the most talented art directors I’ve ever worked with.”

    Mary Rich via LinkedIn